A Special Message (or two) for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend again. Time to remind ourselves of how awesome all the moms are out there. My wife is an amazing mother who does so much for our family. I originally posted this a few years ago, however, I decided to bring it back to honor her and all she does.


An Open Letter to My Wife on Mother’s Day


It’s almost silly to only have one day a year to honor you, when you do so much. You work so hard and take care of our little family. Though you are the sole breadwinner in the house, you bear our financial burden with confidence. The pressure never gets you down, but I know working so many hours must be stressful and tiring. You get up early with the little one and start each day with grace. You give so much, and continue your selfless efforts even though often you don’t get what you deserve in return. We know that you put up with a lot from both of us, and we are thankful every day to have you in our lives.
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